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4 min readDec 2, 2022
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Tokencan has grown into a global exchange worldwide beyond Asia over the past five years.

While services, technology, and expertise at different levels are big reasons for the growth of token cans, there was a “secret weapon” behind them that had no choice but to make the group stronger.’

T-MARKETING! The secret weapon is now being released to the world, raising another issue. T-Marketing operates a marketing agency and implementation service for project companies so that project companies can succeed in cooperation with virtual asset project companies (clients) as well as exchange marketing.

Introduction to T-MARKETING

T-Marketing is a marketing project team of Tokencan that specializes in marketing the virtual asset (cryptocurrency) market. And people call T-Marketing a marketing alliance because not only planning and operation, but also design, technology development, program development, operation, video, sales, translation, influencer, writers, all the necessary professionals for marketing work on the project.

A new virtual asset marketing engine, T-MARKETING!

Marketing also needs Premium. And the results of marketing vary depending on what teams experienced professionals have built. Let’s take an example with an example. When civil aircraft were first introduced to the world, aircraft flew through several countries in the middle to fly long distances. However, with the development of new and high-performance engines over time, most long-distance flights are now direct. If you choose a better engine for marketing, it is natural to succeed in the desired purpose and goal. It is no exaggeration to say that T-Marketing has the best performance and latest engine in marketing.

professional from the basics.

There are many areas of marketing, too. T-Marketing is a marketing project team that specializes in the virtual asset market. Let’s start with the most basic online marketing. Online marketing requires the most basic things such as SNS, community, media, influencer, viral promotion, and SEO. T-Marketing does not simply write and upload images or contents well, but uses these basic things as weapons to devise strategies. Understand the client’s purpose and goal, learn the main contents accurately to the project company to devise a strategy by analyzing the days, time zones, phrases, and data that people are most interested in when SNS contents should be exposed, when communities should focus people’s attention, and when viral promotions or SEO should start. And internally, the project company (client) will produce satisfactory results with the determination to make the project successful with dozens of plans.

Support for a variety of services beyond the basics

For T-marketing, online marketing is the most basic, and various services are also prepared offline. Experts with experience in operating various offline events such as government and large business events, airlines, and small and medium-sized business events belong to T-Marketing, so they specialize in supporting various offline events, conferences, and AMAs. In addition, thousands of sales teams are set up at home and abroad, distributed in various countries such as Asia, North America, and Europe as well as domestic sales. The T-marketing technology development team supports the development of various technologies such as homepages and APPs as well as programs, and the design team with experience and technical skills such as UI/UX, 3D, and animation also supports the project. And what T-Marketing is proud of is a global project. Beyond Korea, global projects are underway in various countries such as China, the United States, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, and Japan, and many countries are also showing expertise. The translation team, which performed well at Ewha Womans University’s Graduate School of Translation, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, and Chung-Ang University’s Graduate School of Translation, further upgraded the global project of tea marketing.

The success of the virtual asset project is T-Marketing!

As T-Marketing grew up with T Group, it has provided numerous support in terms of marketing. Tokencan Exchange, TENET DS, METATAO, and Tbonus Pro of Token Can Group, have grown into global companies, thanks to professional marketing project teams like T-Marketing. It’s time for everyone to succeed. Recently, there have been difficulties in the virtual asset market due to various issues, but at times like this, exchanges and project companies have to overcome them and repay the trust of customers (or members). Everyone wishes for success. But success must have a process, and freedom and wealth come at a price. It’s time for many project companies to choose, not worry. When you meet T-Marketing, a differentiated marketing service while working with the Tokencan group, the path to success together is open to infinity

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