Learn more about FREN! (Feat. FREN: ETHF’s XEN Mining Tutorial)

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3 min readDec 19, 2022

In this posting, FREN, which was recently listed on Ethereum Fair (ETHF), will be posted.

What is FREN?

FREN is a new type of Xen that is only available in ETHF.

FREN’s goal is to be a community-built cryptocurrency asset that connects all your Fren.

FREN aims to fulfill the original mission of blockchain: decentralization, transparency,

and self-regulation, powered by ETHF POW consensus.

If you’ve heard of XEN, then you must know about FREN, which is deployed on the EthereumFair mainnet and is an upgraded PLUS version of FREN

Just 1 month since the launch, the community has already taken shape and users are still mining and discussing the project, and the mining fever has not subsided.

Data shows that up to now, more than 130,000 addresses are involved in FREN mining, and more than 4.7 billion FRENs are staked.

The data is much higher than those released on ETHF’s official medium on December 1. (more than 3x mining, more than 2x staking)

Why launch FREN?

Crypto assets are consistently polarized, with mainstream assets extremely liquid and changing hands, niche assets long ignored by many investors, while founding teams and giant whales also pre-mine and sell off.

FREN addresses both issues with a fair offering.

FREN is designed to empower individuals, no pre-mined tokens, no admin private keys, tamper-evident contracts, no online centralized transactions,

100% transparent and on-chain.

The goal of FREN is to be a community co-constructed crypto asset that fulfills the original mission of the blockchain: decentralized, transparent, censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer value exchange, and ownership.

FREN allows users to enter with minimal barriers through its unique economic design.

How is FREN created?

FREN uses a PoP (Proof of Participation) mining mechanism, where FREN mining participants own the FREN tokens mined, and as the number of participants increases, the difficulty of mining increases and the supply decreases.

The various variables and formulas that affect the number of minting are as follows.

FREN: XEN on ETHF (Mining Tutorial)

(1) FREN Mining

■ Minting is mining, mine to earn FREN.

■ It’s easy to operate and interact with, just enter the official website and link your Metamask ( the ETHF mainnet needs to be configured in Metamask)

(2) Connection method

■ Connect to your Metamask

Website: https://www.fenus.xyz

ETHF mainnet configuration information

■ Network Name: EthereumFair

■ New RPC URL: https://rpc.etherfair.org

■ Chain ID: 513100

■ Currency Symbol: ETHF

■ ETHF Explorer: explorer.etherfair.org

Developer Reward Distribution

1. After the developers earn 5000 ETHF, the parameters will be changed

2. Reward is split 1:1 with miners

3. The initial mint fee is 1 ETHF

4. After developers obtains 5000 ETHF, the reward parameters are changed to 60% goes into the purchase pool and 10 $ETHF is used to purchase $FREN for burn every hour,40% of ethf directly burn.


Staking can be from 1 to 1000 days, and the income will be reduced by 1 point every 90 days (too early unstake has no income).

Mining Mechanism

1. The cRank ranking affects the mining rewards. The earlier you enter, the better, because cRg will become larger and larger, but cRu will remain the same (for specific individuals)

2. Mining time T is also one of the factors, the longer the time the better

3. AMP decreases linearly until 1, and the earlier the larger the number

4. EAA decreases by 0.1% for every 100,000 additional addresses

Detailed roadmap and details can be found through Ethereum Fair’s official medium.

Ethereum pair (ETHF) official medium:

https://medium.com/@ Ethereum Fair



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